Friday, 19 June 2015

Sadisterotica [aka Two Undercover Angels] (1969, Jess Franco)

I just performed a feat that many would probably balk at: i sat through Jess Franco's bizarre-a-thon '60s crime caper / spy-fi / horror flick "Sadisterotica" (aka "Two Undercover Angels") for the second time in two days.

Glutton for punishment, you may well say: making the 'sadist' part of the title almost apt. Sadly for a movie involving the buxom charms of Rosanna Yanni and Janine Reynaud, though, there is precious little of the 'erotica' that one would expect from crazy Jess after seeing later works such as "Vampyros Lesbos" or "Female Vampire". Ah, well: you can't have everything, and i was focusing too hard on trying to detect a plot and keep tabs on the myriad characters to be distracted, anyway.
The two titular (arf!) lovely ladies of the 'Red Lips' detective agency are on the track of missing models, which lead them to murderous pop artist Klaus Tiller, with his amazing disguise kit of fake beard, fez and eyepatch that will have precisely no-one fooled, and his inexplicable werewolf sidekick - named Morpho, as is de rigeur for deformed henchmen in a Franco flick.

If you can cope with the execrable dubbing in the English-language release - which really is terrible: my brother and i used to do better making stuff up on the spot with a microphone and the video's audio-dub button - then this kitsch and campy slice of late '60s madness does yield some enjoyment. Gawd only knows what was happening most of the time, though. It made more sense when i watched it drunk: i recommend everyone does the same.


  1. Everyone villian needs an inexplicable werewolf sidekick. That's just cool. I enjoy the fact the title seems to have nothing to do with the content of the movie, when I began the review I had quite a different type of film bought to mind than a detective one.

  2. Sophie means that she thought it'd be a kinky porno full of hot lesbians.

    The entire world makes better sense when you're drunk. (Only obviously one shouldn't drink and drive/work. But I'm an unemployed person with no driving licence, so I'm okay.)

  3. Sadly, it isn't that type of film. Jess Franco DID make films like that, but i'll review Sadomania, Vampyros Lesbos et al in due time. But as weird psychedelic detective stories go, this is fun. Even if it makes you feel like you've been Mickey Finned with something powerful.